Bullet-Hell Shooter Danmaku Unlimited 3 is Currently on Sale for 99c

Danmaku Limitless 3, the acclaimed shooter from Doragon Leisure, is at the moment on sale for 99c – a $Four low cost from its regular value of $4.99.

Launched on Android in 2017, Danmaku Limitless Three belongs to the bullet-hell subgenre. As that label suggests, it entails lots of projectiles. More often than not the display screen seems like a fireworks show, or a cartoon rave, or a seizure. The soundtrack is equally excessive octane. 

It’s Not as Powerful as a Cave Shooter

That stated, Danmaku Limitless Three isn’t as mind-meltingly robust as shooters like DoDonPachi and Espgaluda. One of many few bullet-hell to not have been developed by the sadistic designers at Cave, it provides a barely extra accessible take.

It’s nonetheless a problem, although, in addition to a heart-thumping visible and auditory spectacle. Grab it cheap on Google Play proper now. 

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