Call of Duty Mobile Perks Guide

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COD Mobile offers gamers the selection of 18 distinctive perks to make use of in Multiplayer. It’s all upon the gamers to resolve what they select to go for, however right here we provide you with detailed data on Name of Obligation Cellular Perks the place we clarify what every perk does, in addition to what stage it unlocks.

What are Perks in COD Cellular

Perks are modifiers featured within the multiplayer elements of COD Cellular. They passively have an effect on gameplay, permitting additional customization of lessons. They have an effect on obtainable gear, the effectiveness of the participant’s gear, the velocity the participant’s gear can be utilized, the usefulness of the enemy’s gear, and the bodily properties of the participant’s character. There are three classes of Perks obtainable within the recreation: Pink, Inexperienced, and Blue.

Pink Perks

Pink Perks are the first set of perks you’ll be capable of unlock, and also you’ll unlock the primary Pink Perk at stage 4.

Quick Get better

Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk might be unlocked after you attain Stage 4. Through the use of this perk your HP restoration charge would enhance by 35%. This implies when you get hit by an enemy, your well being will revive quick and that is actually an excellent choice in Multiplayer matches.


This perk unlocks on Stage 14. Through the use of this, even in case you are downed by your enemy, the Scorestreak Development wouldn’t reset. However alternatively, the scorestreaks price would double up. This may be helpful in case you are utilizing some actually prized scorestreaks equivalent to VTOL, Helicopter, or Missiles.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at stage 22. Because the identify suggests, this perk would make you light-weight the place your sprinting velocity is elevated by 10% and fall harm is decreased. Discount of Fall harm means if you soar off a constructing or a cliff, your HP reduces generally, this HP discount decreases whereas utilizing this perk.


This perk unlocks at stage 30. Through the use of this perk, object mantling velocity is elevated and the purpose time of weapons after sprinting is decreased.

Flak Jacket

Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at stage 39. Harm from explosions brought on by Automotive burst, Frag grenades, and many others. is decreased by 35% after utilizing this perk.


This perks would unlock at stage 45. It is possible for you to to transfer 12% quicker when strolling or crouching.

The New Perk: Overkill

This new perk is about to launch with Season 7 replace. With this perk, it is possible for you to to make use of the Akimbo ability. This implies it is possible for you to to have two main weapons – AR, LMG, SMG, or Sniper.

Inexperienced Perks

Inexperienced Perks are the second set of perks you’ll unlock. The primary Inexperienced Perk unlocks at stage 6.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at stage 6. Through the use of this perk, you possibly can choose up ammo from kills equal to the magazine capability of the present weapon that you’re utilizing within the match.


This perk unlocks at stage 16. This perk would scale back flinch from harm by 60%.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at stage 24. Enemy footprints are seen for Four seconds after you apply this perk. Very efficient for following up behind the enemies and eliminating them very quickly.


This perk unlocks at stage 32. Gamers can’t be focused by AI-controlled Scorestreaks after they use this perk. One instance of AI-controlled Scorestreak is Stealth Chopper.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at stage 41.  This perk makes you proof against Counter-UAVs and EMP Grenades, and also you received’t set off Land Minds. As well as, if the enemy is utilizing Tracker perk, then this perk would scale back Tracker’s effectiveness.


This perk unlocks at stage 47. Enemy UAVs wouldn’t be capable of reveal your place after you apply this perk in your loadout.

The New Perk: Fast Repair

This perk will are available in Season 7. With this perk, Melee(knife) kills instantly begins well being regeneration.

Blue Perks

Blue Perks would be the final class of perks to unlock. You’ll get your first Blue Perk at stage 12.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

The primary Blue perk which unlocks at Stage 12.  This perk will increase factors earned with kills by 25%. So the extra you kill with perk outfitted, the extra are your probabilities to turn out to be MVP.

Demo Knowledgeable

This perk unlocks at stage 20. It will increase the harm of explosives by 25%. Equip this perk and use deadly weapons equivalent to frag grenade or sticky grenade and create havoc amongst enemies.

Useless Silence

This perk unlocks at stage 20. It is possible for you to to transfer about in useless silence. This makes enemies unable to trace you by listening to your footsteps. This stands as very efficient if you find yourself in the midst of a close-quarter in maps equivalent to Cage or Meltdown the place you possibly can slowly stroll down behind your enemy (if he’s tenting) and knock him down.


This perk unlocks at stage 37. This perk reveals enemy gear and scorestreaks. As well as, this perk permits you to re-roll care packages and booby lure enemy care packages.

Tactical Masks

Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at stage 43. The length of the impact of the enemy’s tactical gear reduces by 40% after you employ this perk. Tactical gear consists of Flashbang grenade, Cryo bomb, Smoke grenade, and many others.


This perk unlocks at stage 51. After you equip this perk, the normal places of enemies would seem on the mini-map as they strategy. That is additionally a helpful choice for close-range maps the place it’s worthwhile to know the placement of enemies and the paths they’re coming by.

The New Perk: Shrapnel

A season 7 addition, Shrapnel will make you Spawn with an additional piece of deadly gear.

So that’s all concerning the Name Of Obligation Cellular Perks. You may select no matter you want to equip based mostly on what loadout are you going with.

We hope you discover this COD Cellular Perks Information useful. Please be at liberty to ask any questions within the feedback part under, we’ll ensure to answer to everybody. 

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