Dungeon Deep – A Roguelike RPG That Plays Like a Match-3 Puzzler

Dungeon Deep is a formidable debut from developer LemcnSun Leisure. It could look a bit crude on the floor, however in pure gameplay phrases it’s a slick and accessible tackle the roguelike RPG. 

The setup couldn’t be easier or extra typical: you’re a dwarf, and also you need mead. Accomplished.

This quest lands you on an 8×6 grid made up of tiles with totally different symbols on them. These are runes, and also you acquire them by swiping the display screen horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to tug your dwarf of their path. So long as runes are linked on the edges or the corners, you possibly can string collectively complete traces and clusters and acquire them abruptly. 

On the outset, the runes are a gold coin, an axe, a pink well being potion, and a protect, and these all serve a function in your grid-based dungeon-raiding exploits. 

The axe allows you to slash away on the skeletons that enter the dungeon and assault you, with every axe you acquire en path to the goal including extra ATK factors. You may string assaults collectively, too, taking out clusters of enemies without delay in the event that they’re imprudent sufficient to face aspect by aspect.

The protect and well being potion do what shields and well being potions at all times do, and we’ll get to the cash later. 

It’s a easy premise, however the complexity shortly ramps up. Grasp round for lengthy sufficient and also you’ll encounter fountains, which grant needs (or not), coaching dummies, which enhance your ATK (or not), campfires, which allow you to get well a bit, blacksmiths, which improve your runes, and chests, which provide you with a selection of additional runes so as to add to the board. 

For instance, you would possibly get to choose between Elixir of Frenzy,  which helps you to achieve ATK equal to five% of your max HP, or Captain Dwarf, which helps you to hurl a protect at an enemy for a ranged assault. 

There are tons of various runes to gather, all with their very own distinctive results. A lot of them apply buffs, or will let you debuff enemies, including an additional tactical layer. Every transfer represents a big selection. 

Do you shore up your defences or go on the assault? Do you run at that buffed up enemy now or take in a ranged assault or two whilst you make your method in direction of a rune with a debuff?

And whilst you’re coping with this fixed struggle or flight dilemma you additionally want to think about your gold reserves, as a result of once you do ultimately die you’ll must spend your loot at your village.

That is the place you make investments your hard-earned gold in enhancing your prospects subsequent time round. The village contains a Cabin, the place you purchase and improve the power so as to add runes and shuffle totally different runes into your deck earlier than embarking on a recreation, a Campfire, and a Blacksmith.

These final two are tiles that flip up now and again throughout gameplay. The campfire restores a little bit of your well being, and the blacksmith upgrades a rune of your selection. Investing in these buildings in your village makes them more practical in-game. 

You may as well spend gold on shuffling your runes, and on remaining within the recreation after a skeleton kills you. 

True to its identify Dungeon Deep is each set in a dungeon and actually fairly deep, with a various and finely balanced array of runes to issue into your technique. Nevertheless it performs like a match-three puzzler, with the identical slick accessibility and one-more-go gameplay.

It feels a tiny bit underbaked, nonetheless. The presentation is pretty unremarkable, and in locations the textual content is sort of too small to learn – notably when it’s virtually the identical coloration because the background. 

However these are small quibbles – Dungeon Deep is well-worth testing totally free through Google Play (it’s additionally on the App Retailer).

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