Mobile Legends Hero guide: Wanwan

In our first Mobile Legends Hero information, we’re going to try the newest Marksman, Wanwan. As one of many oriental fighters, she has wonderful mobility and makes a speciality of each Reap and Burst – in addition to a reasonably excessive ability ceiling.

Whether or not you’re new to Wanwan, struggling to do nicely together with her or simply searching for some ideas to enhance, our information certainly may also help with that.


Tiger Tempo

Wanwan reveals the Weaknesses and the place of enemy Heroes hit by her weapons. She offers True Harm equal to 2.5% of the goal’s max HP when hitting their Weaknesses. If she hits all Weaknesses of the goal, she is going to enhance the injury dealt to the goal by 30% in 6s.

Wanwan can transfer a brief distance when she throws a Sleeve Dart. The velocity of this motion scales with the assault velocity.

The bread and butter of her equipment, Tiger Tempo permits Wanwan her unmatched mobility. Having the ability to soar after each ability or Auto Assault not solely makes her probably the most slippery character within the sport, but in addition offers insane kiting and outplay potential.

That being mentioned, it additionally requires fairly a little bit of apply to make the most of her passive – as a result of it actually sucks for those who hop proper into the enemy Chou’s kick. Many gamers appear to neglect that with out minions or different targets close by, Wanwan depends on her skills so as to achieve entry to a brand new soar. Whereas theoretically, it’s potential to throw AA’s into the air, this is not going to mean you can hop to security whenever you’re working from a ranged Hero throughout fight.

As for the opposite half of her passive, the Weaknesses, Wanwan will reveal after which set off them upon hitting enemies with abilities or primary assaults. Enemies will at all times have 5 Weaknesses that have to be hit. Additionally, enemies with revealed weaknesses shall be seen for a number of seconds.

Swallow’s Path (10 – 8s)

Wanwan throws a FireSwallow in a chosen route, dealing 100/ 120/ 140/ 160/ 180/ 200 (+40% Complete Bodily Assault) Bodily Harm to enemies alongside the trail and triggering Tiger Tempo. For each a number of seconds, Wanwan retrieves a Swallow Dagger from the Fireplace Swallow, dealing 60/ 72/ 84/ 96/ 108/ 120 (+85% Complete Bodily ATK) Bodily Harm to enemies in its path and slowing them by 30% for 1.5s. The enemy hit by the Swallow Dagger shall be surprised for 0.5s.

As if her just about limitless mobility wasn’t sufficient already, Wanwan additionally has entry to CC. Regardless that Swallow’s Path isn’t onerous to keep away from, it additionally helps to set off weaknesses on the enemy’s again. In messy teamfights, individuals may additionally overlook the projectile and get surprised.

Except for combating, this ability additionally permits Wanwan to clear minion waves fairly quick.

Needles in Flowers (16-12s)

Wanwan removes all CC from herself instantly, triggers Tiger Tempo and loses lethal needles to close by enemies, dealing 150/ 170/ 190/ 210/ 230/ 250 (+60% Complete Bodily Assault) Bodily Harm.

CC, Mobility – and now a free Purify on-top. No matter Moonton was considering, Wanwan’s 2nd ability is one other get-out-of-jail-free card. Not solely will Needles in Flowers additionally set off Weaknesses of close by enemies, however extra importantly it can take away each type of CC aside from suppression.

Crossbow of Tang (40 – 34s)

Wanwan prompts her crossbow and shoots arrows to enemies for two.5s. Every arrow offers 70/ 90/ 110 (+65% Complete Bodily Assault) Bodily Harm. Whereas the crossbow is activated, if Wanwan kills an enemy hero, she is going to swap to attacking one other goal, activate her crossbow for further 1s, and enhance her Assault Pace by 40% (capped at three occasions). When Wanwan takes again her crossbow or kills an enemy hero, Tiger Tempo shall be triggered.

Crossbow of Tang can solely be forged when an enemy’s Weaknesses are all hit.
The taking pictures of Crossbow of Tang shall be considered Primary Assault. And the quantity of the arrows she shoots scales together with her Assault Pace.

Upon hitting all 5 of an enemy’s Weaknesses, Wanwan unlocks her final, Crossbow of Tang. After current buffs she now can choose a goal in vary reasonably than ulting the Hero who’s Weaknesses she triggered earlier than. Not solely does this make her an enormous risk to the squishy backline, but it surely additionally implies that it’s important to belief your Tanks to be sensible sufficient to not let her set off all Weaknesses.

Mobile Legends Wanwan Hero guide
Goodbye enemy staff: Wanwan utilizing Crossbow of Tang

Not precisely humorous for SoloQ gamers, we’ve got to confess, particularly contemplating that she is going to simply erase your entire staff afterwards – all whereas being untargetable as nicely.


Though each Asssassin and Marksman Emblem work simply fantastic, the Marksman Emblem arguably offers superior stats for Wanwan.

The third Expertise, Weak spot Finder, makes kiting even simpler and scales nicely all through the sport. The extra Assault Pace feels nice because it’s arguably the perfect stat to stack on Wanwan. And bonus injury by no means hurts.

Mobile Legends Wanwan guide Emblem
Cellular Legends Wanwan information: Optimum Emblem setup

In the event you solely have Murderer Emblem, go along with Motion Pace, Bodily Penetration and Bounty Hunter. You achieve larger injury and Bounty Hunter helps you to snowball nicely in trade for some scaling and decrease Assault Pace.

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On the subject of Battle Spells, Wanwan can use a broad number of them relying in your playstyle and the enemy’s composition.


Most likely the most secure method to go, Flicker offers each offensive and defensive worth. It would sound reluctant since Wanwan has a lot mobility, bot Flicker helps to set off hidden weaknesses in awkward angles of enemies and likewise helps to flee difficult conditions the place your jumps wouldn’t suffice.


A reasonably grasping selection, however particularly useful in SoloQ to farm extra effectively and ensure you can safe Pink Buff/ Turtle/ Lord. You don’t achieve a lot fight worth compared to different decisions, however for extra skilled Wanwan gamers the improved clearspeed offers a giant benefit.


Your go-to aggressive spell for those who don’t concern getting bursted down and belief your teammates. Encourage will enhance your final’s injury by a big margin however can even allow you to get behind enemies to set off the final Weak spot since larger Assault Pace additionally means extra mobility.


A purely defensive selection, Aegis helps you in addition to your teammates to outlive. It might assist to get one final Assault off so as to set off Crossbow of Tang. General it doesn’t have the identical playmaking potential as Flicker of Encourage, but it surely offers some extra safety.


Coming to the Merchandise part in our Cellular Legends Wanwan information, she does have some freedom since she doesn’t depend on Crit. Nevertheless, you at all times wish to go along with a few Core Gadgets that synergize with Wanwan extremely nicely:

Corrosion Scythe

Corrosion Scythe offers the biggest quantity of Assault Pace accessible for one Merchandise attributable to its passive. On-top, the gradual makes kiting even simpler for Wanwan and the injury is sweet to have.

Demon Hunter Sword

With the subsequent replace, Wanwan’s final will set off DHS’ passive as nicely. However even now, the on-hit injury helps Wanwan with adequate injury output. On account of her general low injury output with primary assaults, Demon Hunter Sword helps with DPS whereas nonetheless offering good Assault Pace.

Additionally, within the present Tank meta DHS helps to chop via enormous well being swimming pools.

Wanwan guide Mobile Legends Items
Cellular Legends Wanwan information: Optimum construct variations

Good generic Gadgets

Raptor Machete might most likely even be thought-about a Core Merchandise by now. Because the Map adjustments, the extra jungle monsters permit to stack it in a short time. Raptor Machete helps together with her low Assault Harm and offers chunk of burst, particularly for those who handle to safe Pink Buff.

Swift Boots allow you to transfer sooner and grant Assault Pace for little gold. Late sport you’ll be able to most likely contemplate promoting them for Windtalker or no matter Merchandise you want.

Blade of Despair upps your injury for much more burst. Prioritize it in opposition to squishy teamcomps; in opposition to tanky enemies, reasonably construct Malefic Roar for the penetration.

As for defensive Gadgets, Queen’s Wings, Wind of Nature and Athena’s Defend all present nice passives that ought to make it easier to stand up to burst or no matter obstacles you’re dealing with. Wanwan doesn’t want a glasscannon construct so as to deal sufficient injury. Makes certain you get one, possibly even 2 of them for those who want.

If no one poses a risk to you, you can even go for Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom for much more injury. Whereas Wanwan doesn’t want Crit, your Auto Assaults will harm actually badly and SP will grant you an enormous chunk of Assault Pace as nicely.


Final however not least, let’s speak about the way you wish to play as Wanwan.


Ever for the reason that reintroduction of Pink Buff, you at all times wish to begin within the Backside Lane. Be sure to take the buff at degree one (ideally with the assistance of Tank or Help). As a Marksman, Wanwan wants time to scale and get her Core Gadgets.

In case you’re dealing with a reasonably motionless fighter as your lane opponent, you’ll be able to attempt to poke him down and ultimately even get a kill. However the highest precedence is environment friendly farming and never getting killed. So take note of the map and again off if the enemy midlaner comes for a go to.

Mid Recreation

With Corrosion Scythe, you have already got an honest powerspike. Be sure to maintain farming small jungle camps and take Pink Buff at any time when it’s accessible. Attempt to assist your staff safe Turtle and search for reckless Tanks to unlock your final.

Basically, you wish to try to set off all Weaknesses of a melee Hero earlier than ulting and executing the backline. Except forward, most Marksmen will out-damage and kill you earlier than you should utilize Crossbow of Tang. Additionally, particularly motionless mages like Gord are simple prey so long as you retain kiting as a result of it makes it almost unimaginable to hit skillshots.

Late Recreation

Keep again and don’t get cocky. Even with one defensive merchandise, you get blown up in a short time. Attempt to ambush the enemy since your first ability can simply set off three Weaknesses for a straightforward ult. Positioning is every little thing now and a single mistake can simply price you the sport.

Equally although, one unlocked final will most probably safe the victory. So be sure to attend patiently for the suitable alternative. Additionally, don’t neglect to regulate your construct if mandatory.

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Hopefully, you discovered some useful ideas in our Cellular Legends information for Wanwan. What’s your favourite merchandise construct for her? Tell us within the remark part down beneath. Additionally, be sure to go to our Facebook web page for extra guides and information!

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