Shadowgun War Games: The Complete Hero Guide

It’s been over every week since we noticed the discharge of Shadowgun War Games. In case you aren’t conscious of the sport, you could find every part it’s worthwhile to know in our beginner’s guide. It’s a team-based first-person tactical shooter which permits gamers to take management of the heroes, the place every of them has their very own skills and gears. Newcomers could be confused as they might not know which hero they need to go for whereas enjoying the sport. This in-depth hero information for Shadowgun Warfare Video games will filter out any confusion relating to the powers and skills of the characters.



Major Weapon – Valiant Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapon – Rioter SMG

slade in war games
Slade in Shadowgun Warfare Video games


Grenade – This skill lets gamers throw a grenade at an enemy which inflicts fairly some injury to enemies upon explosion.

Medkit – This skill lets gamers heal themselves with a medium quantity of well being, thus eliminating the necessity for utilizing well being factors in a map.

Beneficial Playstyle

Slade is an Assault class character. Gunplay needs to be your major focus for those who’re planning to play with Slade. As Slade, it is best to battle on the frontline and take cost of the assault together with Revenant. Slade’s assault rifle is ideal for dispatching enemies in mid-range because it inflicts a very good quantity of harm. Nonetheless, in case your enemy is available in shut vary to interact you, it is best to immediately swap to your SMG. SMGs inflict much less injury than the assault rifle however the excessive fee of fireplace will turn out to be useful throughout a 1v1 state of affairs.

In case you discover a number of enemies shut to one another, you utilize your grenade towards them. Grenades inflict injury upon enemies however it’s not sufficient. Due to this fact, the most effective tactic can be to first weaken an enemy by capturing them together with your assault rifle from a distance and use your grenade to complete them off. A significant benefit of selecting Slade is that you simply shouldn’t have to rely solely on well being packs discovered throughout the map, nor do it’s important to anticipate Sara to heal you along with her Therapeutic Blast. Use your Medkit every time you might be low on well being. Similar to all different particular skills, medkit can be utilized once more after a particular period of time has handed. Due to this fact, it is best to solely use it once you’re on the verge of dying, and never earlier than that as you’d be losing an necessary useful resource.



Major Weapon – Gryphon Machine Pistol

Secondary Weapon – Jabberwock Shotgun

shadowgun war games hero guide
Jet in Shadowgun Warfare Video games


Blink – This skill lets gamers teleport throughout a brief distance, thus decreasing the danger of getting attacked whereas operating across the map.

Time Rift – This skill transports the participant character into an alternate timeline the place they can’t be harmed, which is a flowery manner of claiming that it provides you non permanent invincibility.

Beneficial Playstyle

Jet is a Runner class character. As Jet, your major goal needs to be to help your group by partaking enemies who’re attacking your teammates. Nonetheless, don’t take lead cost in frontal assaults. Quite, flank your enemies whereas they’re busy preventing your teammates. It will make issues simpler for you in addition to your teammates. Use your pistol to assault your enemies who’re busy preventing your teammates. As on your shotgun, use it for close-range fight.

Jet’s skills actually turn out to be useful throughout a match. Use the Blink the flexibility for escape functions and Time Rift for the assault. Everytime you’re overwhelmed by an enemy, activate the Blink skill to rapidly escape from the incoming hearth. Whenever you see an remoted goal, use your Time Rift skill to achieve your enemy and kill them with a shotgun. The Time Rift skill is a crucial useful resource, due to this fact, you shouldn’t waste it by randomly activating it throughout escapes.



Major Weapon – Asclepius Rocket Launcher

Secondary Weapon – Epione SMG

sara shadowgun war games
Sara in Shadowgun Warfare Video games


Therapeutic Blast – This skill permits gamers to throw a therapeutic grenade which regenerates the well being of close by teammates in addition to themselves.

Safety Dome – This skill permits you to deploy a protecting dome round you which ones protects you and your teammates from injury.

Beneficial Playstyle

Sara is a Healer class character. Quite than attacking enemies, a participant who chooses Sara ought to focus totally on therapeutic their teammates and defending them. In case you’re attacked by an opponent at shut vary, equip your SMG to interact them. As for long-range, use your rocket launcher to inflict injury. The rocket launcher just isn’t as efficient as one may suppose. In case you’re aiming for the bottom close to an enemy, you may find yourself fully losing your ammo for the reason that enemy must be actually near the purpose of affect. Attempt to get a direct hit on an enemy’s torso because it tremendously reduces their well being.

The Therapeutic Blast and the Safety Dome skill needs to be mixed collectively for the absolute best end result. In case your teammates are close to you and are attacked by enemies, deploy your Safety Dome to defend them from incoming hearth. Instantly afterwards, throw a Therapeutic Blast contained in the dome to regenerate the well being of your teammates. It will give them a small window to realize well being in addition to reload their weapons.



Major Weapon – Avenger Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapon – Lynx SMG

willow shadowgun hero
Willow in Shadowgun Warfare Video games


Flash Mine – This skill permits you to deploy a flash mine on the bottom. Enemies stepping on the mine will likely be briefly disoriented with a blinding flash.

Supercharge – This skill means that you can cost your bullets with power and allows you to inflict elevated quantity of harm in your enemies.

Beneficial Playstyle

Willow is a Sniper class character. Your focus needs to be to make use of your sniper rifle to your benefit and choose off enemies one after the other. Don’t go for close-range fight as it’s not value risking your life for no motive. A couple of pictures with the sniper rifle will kill an enemy, due to this fact, use your major weapon to your utmost benefit. Use your SMG solely if you end up being engaged at shut vary.

The Flash Mine is an efficient device for an ambush. Arrange a Flash Mine in areas comparable to slender alleys, door entrances, stairways. Anticipate enemies to get flashed and kill them together with your sniper rifle. As on your Supercharge skill, mix it together with your SMG for the absolute best final result. Every time you might be engaged by an enemy in shut quarters, activate the Supercharge skill, equip you SMG and spray the bullets throughout your enemy. That ought to kill them actually rapidly.



Major Weapon – Ravager Machine Gun

Secondary Weapon – Zealot Kinetic Repeater

revenant shadowgun war games,
Revenant in Shadowgun Warfare Video games


Roar – This skill can be utilized upon an opponent to disorient them and briefly restrict their mobility.

Internal Rage – This skill briefly reduces the quantity of harm you are taking and will increase your motion pace, whereas additionally reducing the injury you inflict upon enemies.

Beneficial Playstyle

Revenant is a Tank class character. As Revenant, your objective needs to be to guide the assault on the enemy group together with Slade. Revenant has a machine gun which is admittedly useful throughout fight. Deal with whichever enemy you discover and maintain capturing them with the machine gun till they die. You even have an SMG which needs to be used solely once you run out of ammo for the machine gun.

The Roar skill needs to be used adopted by a machine-gun assault. Use the flexibility to briefly restrict the motion pace of your enemy and maintain capturing them with the machine gun till they’re lifeless. Revenant could also be a Tank class character however he isn’t invincible. He’s large and could be very simply observed by enemies. In case you’re overwhelmed by a number of enemies, use the Internal Rage skill to cut back the injury taken. Whereas within the Internal Rage mode, your mobility is elevated, due to this fact, cost at your enemy and maintain capturing them together with your machine gun. Aside from inflicting injury, you’ll truly be scaring them away since they’ll retreat to reload to their gun and recuperate with the assistance of Sara’s Therapeutic Blast.

Will there be extra heroes in Shadowgun Warfare Video games?

Shadowgun Warfare Video games has solely 5 heroes for now. Madfinger Games will add extra heroes to the roster in future updates. For now, it is best to familiarize your self with every of the current 5 heroes. Each hero has their very own set of skills and loadout, due to this fact, familiarizing your self with every one in all them will likely be very helpful as it’s possible you’ll not at all times get the hero of your alternative. At all times keep in mind the truth that your opponent has the identical heroes and they’ll use the heroes’ skills to their very own benefit. And for those who’re ever stumped whereas enjoying Shadowgun Warfare Video games, you may at all times confer with this hero information.

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