Teamfight Tactics: Chrono Cybernetic Comp Guide

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Teamfight Tactics, the auto battler developed by Riot Video games has turn into more and more in style amongst cell avid gamers. The player-base appears to maintain growing daily. Extra gamers imply extra competitors which ends up in a harder grind within the decrease tiers. That requires a constant and various construct that may be transitioned into one other comp in a jiffy. On this information, you’ll be taught in regards to the Teamfight Ways Chrono Cybernetic comp and ideas and methods on the right way to constantly get the highest Four through the use of and abusing this low cost and efficient comp in Teamfight Ways. So let’s bounce proper into it and get to checkmating low tier gamers very quickly.


Since March 2020 when Chrono bought buffed, this comp has been some of the widespread early-mid video games construct because the pivotal models within the comp

are comparatively low cost and really efficient within the early-mid sport. It’s by far probably the most performed and most sustainable early sport construct. Thought this comp will begin to fall off in the direction of the late sport except strengthened with the right objects, this comp cannot be defeated by different comps until the Stage 6 so long as Lucian is 2-star and holds a Deathblade.


  • Once you get a Three cybernetic by the tip of stage 2(Leona, Fiora and Lucian).
  • You’ve got Three or extra B.F. Swords.
  • No more than 2 individuals are contesting you within the comp. If contested then it’s a must to out roll them to get a 2-star Irelia.

Champions and Objects

Champions Objects
Leona Bramble Vest or Zephyr.
Fiora Thieves’ Gloves
Shen Warmog’s Armor
Blitzcrank No Objects Wanted
Lucian Deathblade, Fast Firecanon, Blade of the Ruined King(ideally)/Infiltrator’s Talon
Vi No Objects wanted
Irelia Guardian Angel, Infinity Edge and Rabadon’s Deathcap
Wukong No Objects wanted
Thresh(If you wish to construct Mana Reavers and Chrono) No Objects wanted
Miss Fortune(if you wish to construct blasters) No Objects wanted
Ekko(If you would like full Cybernetic Construct) No Objects wanted


All the time prioritize B.F. Sword as you will have at least 4 of them to make this comp work effectively. Secondly, prioritize Sparring Gloves.

Early Sport

Firstly, purchase all of the Leona and Fiora that you just get as making them 2-Star will assist maintain your comp lots. As quickly as you hit stage 3 get a Lucian and end your Three Cybernetic comps. If potential construct a Deathblade on Lucian. Having the Deathblade and the Cybernetic buff, Lucian will robotically begin each spherical with the large quantity of additional AD and can solely acquire extra as he contributes to kills.

Mid Sport

Now that now we have the injury sorted out, the protection must be taken care of. At stage 5, add to your board, Shen, and Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank is nice at pulling out the backline of the opponents in order that Lucian can take them down simply. Shen is a good defensive unit and after we pair him up with a Warmog’s Armor and Dragon’s claw, he has extra sustaining energy and is proof against magic injury, this makes him nearly unkillable.

As you attain stage 6, attempt to hyper-roll for Irelia and get her upto 2-Star and likewise construct Infinity Edge and Guardian Angel on her. Keep in mind that Irelia is probably the most Necessary unit of this comp as she not solely gives excessive injury but additionally belongs to 2 Courses(Blademaster and Mana Reaver) which is what makes it really easy to transition into different comps late sport. If potential additionally add a Rabadon’s Deathcap onto Irelia, this can bestow her with the facility to one-shot and tear via the opponents’ back-line.

Late sport

For Stage 7 and Stage 8 add to your board, Vi, and Wukong, this can add the Vanguard and Brawler buffs to your comp and likewise enhance the frontline of your board drastically. apart from that, each Vi and Wukong have highly effective ults that present loads of CC to your staff.

Hitting stage 9, you will have a really massive choice to make as it’s a must to selected whether or not you need to push Four Chrono by getting Thresh, 6 Cybernetics by Getting Ekko otherwise you need to prioritize Injury and push blasters by getting Miss Fortune. All are 5 value models so you’ll most likely have related stats, so your selection ought to largely be guided by what your opponents are constructing.

Going for Thresh appears to be a safer choice because it not solely supplies the 4-Chrono buff but additionally prompts the Mana-Reaver on Thresh and Irelia. The Chrono stat additionally provides Lucian and extra Assault Velocity which if mix with Blade of the Ruined King can improve his injury lots as he additionally beneficial properties the Blademaster buff.


Place Leona, Shen,Vi, Wukong, Fiora and Irelia within the frontline. With Irelia and Fiora on the far proper and much left. Place Shen within the center with Leona and Wukong on both sides, place Vi simply beside Fiora.

TFT Chrono Cybernetic Comp Guide
Items Positioning on the Board

Place Lucian on the third row farther away from the opponents’ models as Lucian has a really lengthy vary. Then place Blitzcrank simply in entrance of Lucian on the second row and Place thresh on the second row precisely behind Shen.

If you happen to get Ekko, place him anyplace on the final row, and in the event you get Miss Fortune, place her within the nook farthest from the opponents’ models, except one among them is operating a Blitzcrank.


The Teamfight Ways Chrono Cybernetic composition is likely one of the most versatile and beginner-friendly composition because it has a set of Various models which might be simply transitioned into another composition very simply. Although a really merchandise is heavy, this composition can simply give a participant a protected lead within the early-mid sport in order that they’ll take sufficient time to acknowledge and counter their opponents’ technique by transitioning into the suitable composition. Although Cybernetics will are inclined to turn into weak as late-game approaches however with the right objects even that may be prevented. This comp will make sure you a high Four you probably have pushed for the suitable objects and have positioned your models effectively.

That does it for the Teamfight Ways Chrono Cybernetic information. Hope you discover it helpful. Please be at liberty to ask any questions within the feedback part under.

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