The ultimate Hero counters guide

As of now, we get to select from a complete of 94 Heroes. On December 17th, the discharge of Silvanna will make it 95. Since new Heroes get launched each couple of weeks, figuring out Hero counters particularly towards Meta picks turns into more and more necessary in Cellular Legends.

What are counters?

When speaking about counters, gamers normally discuss with sure Heroes with excellent talents to disable, hamper and disrupt particular picks. This idea, nonetheless, can be transferred to Gadgets and in-game selections. For this Mobile Legends information, we’ll solely concentrate on Hero counters although.

Counters to Hero properties


Particularly contemplating the current Hero releases, Mobility has risen to one of the crucial useful traits of Heroes. The power to sprint, leap or blick not solely permits large outplay potential however helps you to escape ganks and disadvantageous conditions with ease.

Whereas a scarcity of Mobility makes you a juicy goal, the flexibility to disrupt Mobility spells has unbelievable worth. Subsequently it shouldn’t come unexpectedly that Khufra stays essentially the most useful but painful tank to take care of. Except for Minsitthar he’s nonetheless the one Hero with a capability that blocks any type of Mobility.

King’s Calling (Minsitthar final)

Minsitthar prices a brief distance ahead and calls four Royal Guards to kind a filed and struggle along with him. Every assault of Royal Guards offers (+90% Whole Bodily Assault) factors of Bodily Harm. When staying within the space. Minsitthar will increase 50 factors of Bodily Assault, 30 factors of Bodily and Magical Protection. Enemies inside the discipline reduces Motion Velocity and can’t use directional Blink abilities.

Mobile Legends Hero counters guide Minsitthar ultimate
Minsitthar’s final: Nightmare for cell Heroes

Bouncing Ball (Khufra 2nd ability)

Khufra makes use of bandage to wrap himself right into a magical bouncing ball, rising his personal Bodily & Magical Protection by 75%. Enemies making an attempt to make use of blink abilities to maneuver throughout Khufra can be knocked up. Every time the magical bouncing ball hits the bottom, it can deal Magic Harm equal to 30 plus 8(+1.5percentExtra Bodily Assault) of max HP to enemies close by and cut back their motion velocity.

Projectiles, DPS & AoE

In terms of projectiles of any form and kind, Lolita is your #1 alternative. Her 2nd capability will block ranged fundamental assaults and the vast majority of issues your enemies could throw at you. Particularly painful for many Marksmen and Mages, a great Lolita will defend her teammates from any hurt whether or not it’s Granger’s bullets or Chang’e’s star bathe.

Nonetheless, there are numerous talents that deal large harm with out the necessity for projectiles. In these circumstances, Estes most likely gives your group with the most effective survivability obtainable. His final capability can maintain his entire group and with the correct Gadgets, you’ll be capable of forged it continuously sufficient to make your group immortal.

In terms of DPS (harm per second), Belerick will make the enemy’s life hell. His passive causes Marksmen like Claude to actually suicide in the event that they ever determine to focus on you – or your teammates whilst you ult.

Flower of Life (Belerick passive)

Belerick receives 30% extra HP from tools gadgets. The Flower of Life offers 50 + 1.5% of Belerick’s max HP in Magic Harm to the closest goal, each time Belerick receives 200 harm. The Flower of Life prioritizes targets which were implanted marked by Nature’s Seed.

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Whereas each Hero can construct Gadgets that reduce by means of the enemy’s resistances and well being, some Heroes naturally soften by means of Tanks inside seconds. There are 2 primary sources of injury that work very effectively towards beefy targets:

True Harm will ignore any protection constructed by your opponents and straight burn down their HP with none mitigation. Undoubtedly the most effective Tank killer within the sport, Karrie can burst down a frontline with out batting an eye fixed. Stacking Well being undoubtedly helps with harm management although.

Gentle Wheel Mark (Karrie passive)

Provides a Lightwheel Mark to the enemy at every fundamental assault or ability. When Lightwheel mark is added as much as 5 marks on the goal, they grow to be precise lightwheel, piercing the goal and dealing 7%-13% true harm of max HP, harm is added as much as 300 in the direction of jungle monsters.

Except for True Harm, nonetheless, harm calculated relying on the enemy’s most HP is almost as efficient. Resistances will cut back the quantity of injury on this case; nonetheless, Heroes like Lunox, Wanwan or Valir have a neater time coping with tanky enemies than most of their rivals.

Crowd Management

Diggie ultimate Mobile Legends Hero counters guide
Diggie’s final: A lifesaver towards CC

Crowd Management wins video games. Subsequently let’s discuss Heroes which have methods to flee or keep away from CC with out the necessity of equipping Purify. Kagura and Wanwan each have abilities that act similar to Purify. Additionally, Masha can have brief Immunity frames at any time when one in every of her healthbars breaks. Chou beneficial properties brief Immunity whereas utilizing his 2nd ability, the identical is true for Ling‘s final.

Nonetheless, they stand no likelihood towards Diggie, whom’s final capability grants all close by allies CC immunity for a brief interval.

Time Journey (Diggie final)

For two.5s surrounding allies can be resistant to crowd management. Throughout the casting, surrounding allies can be granted a defend, lasting 5s.


Numerous Heroes have some type of maintain, many use shields or therapeutic talents to remain topped off. Ever for the reason that launch of Baxia, we will really counter regeneration results with a Hero somewhat than Gadgets. The truth that his 2nd capability additionally will get an enormous Cooldown refund upon hitting enemy Heroes makes him an actual nightmare to face.

Baxia Mark (Baxia passive)

Baxia prompts the “Baxia Mark” completely, cut back the ultimate harm acquired by 26 – 56 (the quantity will increase with hero’s stage).
On the similar time, Baxia will cut back the regen impact of enemies hit by his abilities by 30% for 4s.

Particular Hero counters

Now that we’ve coated a very powerful “generic” Hero counters in Cellular Legends, let’s check out concrete Heroes. Selecting the correct counter can undoubtedly assist to swing the sport in your favour. Beneath you’ll discover a desk with the general strongest counters to a number of Heroes that aren’t merely coated by the generic Cellular Legend Hero counters.

Desk of Hero Counters in Cellular Legends

Hero Counter Purpose
Aldous Grock Properly-timed wall will cancel his final
Belerick Burst harm Belerick’s passive solely triggers as soon as upon taking harm, regardless of whether or not it’s 200 or 2000
Estes Burst
Sufficient burst helps to kill targets earlier than Estes can heal them up since he heals over time
Baxia cuts down his therapeutic
Fanny Khufra
Khufra’s 2nd capability cockblocks her cable motion
Franco’s hook and his point-click final lock her down
Ruby’s quantity of CC additionally disrupts Fanny closely
Franco Lolita His hook can also be coded as projectile
Harith Esmeralda
Esmeralda absorbs his shields
Khufra denies his jumps
Johnson Diggie
Diggie’s final denies have interaction
Grock’s wall disrupts Johnson’s final
Khufra Akai
Each Akai and Martis can push him away from their group whereas he makes use of his 2nd ability, additionally good disruptive talents to disclaim his combo
Valir’s knockback does the job as nicely
Ling Helcurt His leap will kick Ling off partitions, his silence will hold Ling from utilizing different talents
Lolita Esmeralda She absorbs her shields
Lunox Chou
heavy lockdown
Chou has sufficient follow-up CC on his personal to burst her down whereas she is locked down, however layering CC does the job as nicely
Natalia Rafaela
Rafaela’s 1st capability makes Natalia seen
Lesley’s final makes Natalia seen
Odette any CC CC cancels her final which is her primary supply of injury
Selena Diggie
Diggie to purify her 2nd ability
Khufra to stop her from leaping in
Lolita to dam her 2nd ability
X-Borg Chang’e She will soften him from afar, destroying his Firaga Armor and denying his final
Zhask Claude
Claude’s final one-shots Zhask’s spawns
Estes outheals Zhask’s DPS until far behind

For the sake of readability, we forwent to call each single counter and as a substitute targeted on picks that closely hinder the precise Heroes somewhat than simply doing nicely in a 1v1 state of affairs.

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Do you might have secret Hero counters in Cellular Legends? Or did we miss some necessary picks? Inform us within the remark part under. Additionally, ensure to comply with us on Twitter and Facebook for extra thrilling content material!

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